Cautions for viewers

  • The viewer shall bear the cost of communication and other expenses in viewing “Cacao Story 360.”
  • At our sole discretion, the company may change all or part of this content, or cancel the offer, at any time without prior notice.
  • Viewers watch this content at their own responsibility and expense, and assume full responsibility for all acts and results thereof.
  • The company is not responsible for any corruption, loss or damage to data that might occur due to the viewing of this content.
  • The viewer must provide immediate compensation in accordance with our request if we suffer any direct or indirect damage or expense, including attorney fees, resulting from the viewing of this content, including cases involving complaints from third-party viewers.
  • The following people should refrain from viewing content using VR equipment such as goggles, headset, head-mounted display, or viewers.
    ・ Children under 13 years old
    ・ Those who are pregnant, those who have a physical disorder, those who are prone to motion sickness, those who are consuming alcoholic beverages, and those who are in poor physical condition.
  • Although it may be possible to use VR viewing equipment while wearing eyeglasses, this will depend on the shape and size of the eyeglasses.
  • As we can not assume responsibility for any damage to eyeglasses, please pay close attention when putting on VR viewing equipment.
  • Users of bifocal eyeglasses and contact lenses may not be able to watch this content comfortably.

Recommended environments

  • OS/Browser
    ・IOS 13.0 and above/Safari latest version
    ・Android 7.0 and above/Chrome latest version